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From: Alexcarbine01aol.com
Subject: A Gay Massage 03A Gay Massage 03ByAlex Carbine
If you are underage, could be offended by, or this type of material is
illegal in your Country, stop reading. If you do not think you should be
reading this, don'tI have had quite a response to the previous two free 3gp mp4 porn chapters. I must point out
that these stories are fiction, and so the characters have no need of
protection, but real life is not like that. Always have protected sex. If
you have to think whether you should do something or not, then don't. There
are some nasty 80 s girlie pics people out there who will swear on their Mother's Bible that
they are HIV clean etc. Just think, if they are doing it with you, how many
others have been there before you? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm!
Part ThreeI left the sauna in search of the showers and a drinking fountain. Sweat
was pouring off 12yo fucking me, and my towelling coat clung to me.I came to the changing rooms where there was a cold-water dispenser. Two
cups went straight down and I sat down on a bench to drink the third. I
could hear the showers were through an open doorway to my left. There was
chatter and laughter and then a guy about 40ish walked in from the
showers. He was about 6 feet tall, suntanned, and sported a circumcised
hard-on. I looked up, smiled 19 fucked hard and nodded as he walked past me to his
locker. His cock also looked up 12chan diaper
and nodded at me as he walked by. He took
out a clean towel, put his foot up into the open locker and towelled his
leg. I had a rear view of his dangling nut and his dark brown ring. He
switched feet and towelled his other leg. He put that foot on the floor and
towelled his cheeks, and then he turned round. He was still hard. 'Bloody
thing,' he says. I look him in the face. 'What's that?' I ask. 'My cock,'
he answers 'it hasn't gone down in two hours. Bloody thing.' I just
continue to look at his face. 'Friend of mine gave me two blue
tablets. Took 'em both earlier. Wonder how long they will last?' I drink my
water and throw away the cup. 'Probably have 2flashgames sex kitten
to beat it to death with a
stick' he observes as he finishes towelling himself and starts to dress. I
leave him and enter the showers.The shower room is a communal shower with eight showerheads and
controls. There are four men having showers, chatting and 10 inch anal joking, and
facing the tiled walls. I hang up my towelling coat and step up to the
shower. A couple of pumps on the soap dispenser and I stick 13yo nude picture
my head into my
shower water. I am washing my hair when I turn to look at the others. I can
now see that each of them is sporting a hard-on. Each is covered in soap
foam, and one is washing the back of another. I stand with my back to the
wall, letting a cool stream of water flow over my body. I soap me cock and
balls, then turn back to the wall to wash them off. Again I look at the
others. One is down on his hands and knees, sucking his mate's cock. Of the
other two, one is leaning on the shower wall with both hands, whilst his
mate sticks his shaft between the proffered bum cheeks.The sucker stands up and gets behind his mate. He reaches round and grabs
his mates cock and starts 2 asian girls
to wank it, whilst holding his own cock and
guiding it into his mates anus. His mate bends his knees to help him. The
other guy fucking his mate is now holding his mate's waist sex gallery 15 picture and deep
thrusting quickly. As a pair they walk in a circle so as to face their
friends. The two couples are now facing each other. The guy being wanked
says, 'I'm cumming.' And does, his cum squirting across the gap and onto
his mates legs, cock and balls. When he has finished the guy fucking him
goes into overdrive, really thrusting into him. The other guy fucking
obviously climaxes, going up on his toes and giving his mates those
delicious jerky thrusts of completion. This in turn triggers his mate to
cum. Like the 16yr old pics other guy, he cums onto the friend's 49 twink hunter body facing him, cumming
across his chest first, then midriff, then legs. This just left the fourth
guy who is fucking. He grunts and finishes inside his mate, then pulls
out. I can see a trail of spunk dribbling down his mate's leg from his open
ring. All are breathless as they stand under the showers. One lets rip a
fart. It is a very wet, bubbly one. Must have been one of the guys the got
fucked. He bends his knees, gets down on his hunker, and pushes another
fart 2oo7 ashleys candy nude
out. I can see the spunk dripping out of him before it is washed away
down the drain.I have been watching them, whist holding my own hard dick in one hand,
lazily winking myself under the falling water. They get themselves together
and walk out past me, now chatting again amongst themselves, completely
ignoring me, as if I did'nt exist and hadn't witnessed their play.
Please tell me if you want me to continue, or have any comments. You can
reach me at 'Alex carbine01aol.com'. I would love to hear from you.
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